Wealthy Chinese Investors

Wealthy Chinese Investors
Chinese Investors Worldwide

Chinese investors prefer western countries with relaxed immigration laws and procedure. Currently Australia and Melbourne in particular has the right combination of laws and investment opportunities and is attracting the lions share of Chinese mainland and Hong Kong investors. In addition to ease of immigration, Chinese investors see Australia as having excellent schools, clean air and water, safety and reasonably priced properties with capital appreciation potential.

In 2010, Australia relaxed their property laws to allow holders of temporary visas the possibility of purchasing property. In addition, Chinese companies can now buy homes and dormitories for their staff in Australia. As Hu Jintao will step down and possibly be replaced by Xi Jinping, some political uncertainty is expected to follow. This is also driving many Chinese mainland investors to get a foothold in Australia.

Efficient Equity organizes tours from major cities in the PRC including Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin. We have trusted Chinese speaking professionals in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Vancouver, Tokyo and Los Angeles who help Chinese investors to unearth the best deals and have decades of experience in Chinese immigration issues combined with a legal team that exclusively helps Chinese mainland investors to settle in the UK, Australia, Japan, Canada and the US. For specifics, contact

Marion Wu

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