Property Management in China means reducing risk and improving tenant retention


Shanghai’s Best Institutional Grade Property Management Company

Efficient Equity’s partner Serviced China’s unique and exhaustive property management system help foreign investors to reduce operating costs and magnify property values while creating an excellent working environment for tenants. We combine the best of global property management firms with the flexibility and reasonable pricing of local firms. Serviced China means high tenant satisfaction, top engineering, physical and IT security, reduced energy costs and sustainability long term.

Despite the high tenant turnover in the Chinese leasing industry, Serviced China maintains the lowest turnover in Shanghai through increased communication, market leading speed of service (24 hours a day 365 days a year) and long term personal relationships throughout the complete value chain.  We maintain full staff through all Chinese holidays in order to better serve owners and to increase both value of assets but also to maximize cash flow in China’s competitive market.

Our intimate knowledge of Chinese market intricacies achieved through 20 years of experience in mainland China gives your firm the edge in increasing value. We have a team of highly experienced property managers that have built a China specific knowledge base for every emergency and we build preparedness into each program to eliminate risk.  We work hand in hand with institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds and wealthy individuals using institutional grade accounting and online collaborative reporting to maximize capital investments in the Chinese real estate market.


  1. Customer retention with clean High Rise Windows
    I am a US citizen and wish to start a High Rise Window Cleaning company. There are only two company’s registered in the Philippines and they are both in Manila.There are none registered in Cebu. I would use a two line Rope Decent System, one line with a safety Rope Stop because it is the safest and fastest in the industry today. It cost less than one would think. The other company’s don’t use this added safety measure. I feel the same method should be used all over your country.

    Clayton [email protected]


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